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Owner of a Roamer (15 September, 2011)

The new Roamer is a top choice movement for watch lovers. It looks and feels good, and certainly helps you "feel the worth" of this watch. Asking a consumer to spend several thousand dollars on a watch that isn't as accurate as their mobile phone can be challenging. It helps a lot when they look what is powering the watch and are impressed. Of course what all watch owners want is for people to be impressed with them when seeing whatever timepiece they have on their wrist.

Roamer is the kind of watch that typifies modern Swiss timepiece design. Elegant and attractive, it has a look steeped in functionality and tradition. Roamer ensures that each new watch they design includes a bit of the so called "brand DNA." The translation for this often ambiguous statement is that when people see the watch they can immediately recognize it.

Martin Perren
Director of Hotel Post Zermatt