In the Middle East since 1900

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Dubai, with its ancient commercial and seafaring traditions, has long been recognized as the Middle East regionís leading trading hub.

Dubai enjoys a strategic location and serves as the biggest re-exporting centre in the Middle East. It has become a major venue for a number of growing, profitable industries and activities.

Dubai ranks as the Arabian Gulfís leading multi-purpose business center with a more dynamic and
diversified economy.
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Since 1900, we have considerably grown and have strengthened our establishment in the Middle East. We share a strong bond with our customers by providing quality products and services. Today, the company has expanded into various business arenas such as Watches & Jewellery, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Textiles, Real Estate & Investment Management.

The brands we sell include an exclusive range of watches from Romanson, Orient, Roamer, Jacques Farel, Ingersoll to name a few. Home appliances from Nevica, Electronic Games from Asder and Digital Cameras from Brica and Wizen.

Efficient management is a key success factor for entrepreneurial activity. Thatís why the ATA Investment Management has bundled its own portfolio with the intelligence and creativity of some of the brightest professionals in the industry and the global resources. Our specialists offer a diverse array of investment strategies, custom-tailored solutions and high standards of advice.

Companies can benefit particularly from our real estate expertise. We evolve concepts that take account of each customerís budget, financing the market opportunities available and provide solutions to very challenging problems. We take a pragmatic approach to prioritizing our customersí specific needs. That makes Arabian Trading Agency an attractive partner for companies in real estate as well.