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Nevica Domestic Appliances

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Insect Killer

2x8 Watt high attraction tubes
2200V high voltage
Super slim design
Aluminium finish
13 Amps 3Pin Flat plug
GS/CE Standard

Model No. NV-173IK
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Insect Killer

2x20 Watt high attraction tubes
Super slim design
Effective area 50 m2
Aluminium Finish
13 Amps 3 pin Plug

Model No. NV-179IK
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Solar Lantern/Navigator

Solar rechargeable emergency lantern
9W energy saving tube
Solar panel can be rotated 120
Rechargeable 6V/4AH Lead Acid Battery
Also available without remote function

Model No. NV-9100RC
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5W Solar DC Lighting Kit

Deal portable lighting kit
For camping, boating, fishing etc.
5W amorphous solar panel
Works even in cloudy weather
Compact portable power pack
No installation required
Power lighting and other
small DC applications
Two pieces of super bright
LED lighting source
Mobile phone adaptors and
switch wire available for small
DC power applications

Model No. NV-9105SL
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LED Torch

Machined aluminium body
Rechargeable battery
Hyper bright LED (CREE)
3 Hours continuous working
Shock resistant
Water resistant

Model No. NV-5011
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Jump Starter

Jump start current 400A
Built-in maintenance free Lead acid battery 12V 14AH
Max. Jump starting engine 300 CC
DC-AC Power inverter 400W
Maximum compressor scale 260 PSI
LED working light handle with rubber cover
USB output power source
Battery touch indicator
AC-DC adaptor for charging

Model No. 6A-400
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Colour Video Door Phone

Visitor calling, handsfree
Video intercom, unlock
Monitor with alarm function
Night vision
Auto turn off, video and audio output
Power source: DC 15V
Screen: 8 TFT LCD
External Dimension:
Monitor: 185 x 130 x 27 mm (L x W x H)
Camera: 127 x 95 x 35 mm (L x W x H)
Operation Temperature: 15C -+50C
Connection: 4 Sires or non-polarity 21

Model No. NV-218